From Social Sustainability to Social Entrepreneurship: A Path for Social Value Creation

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Toker K.

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Despite the discussion of social sustainability, which has been a crucial component of sustainable development for decades, unfortunately, the desired successful outcomes have not been realized in practice. This failure caused the need to examine the concept of social sustainability differently than ever before. Social entrepreneurship is a valuable tool to meet this need. Concordantly, this chapter purposes to evaluate the relations between social sustainability and social entrepreneurship by comprehensively analyzing them. Discussing this relationship and proposing a new perspective will support overcome theoretical dilemmas and practical struggles. Therefore, the concept of sustainability was explained in detail through a wide literature review, and then the concept of social entrepreneurship was examined, and links, similarities, and gaps were revealed between the two concepts. As a result, the effective implementation of social sustainability policies depends on the social impact and value created by social entrepreneurship.



Sosyal ve Beşeri Bilimler, Finans Ekonomisi, İşletme, Social Sciences and Humanities, Financial Economics, Management, Sosyal Bilimler (SOC), Ekonomi ve İş, EKONOMİ, İŞLETME, Social Sciences (SOC), ECONOMICS & BUSINESS, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS, Ekonomi ve Ekonometri, Ekonomi, Ekonometri ve Finans (çeşitli), Genel Ekonomi, Ekonometri ve Finans, Strateji ve Yönetim, Pazarlama, İşletme ve Uluslararası Yönetim, Genel İşletme, Yönetim ve Muhasebe, Sosyal Bilimler ve Beşeri Bilimler, Economics and Econometrics, Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous), General Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Strategy and Management, Marketing, Business and International Management, General Business, Management and Accounting, Social Sciences & Humanities


Toker K., From Social Sustainability to Social Entrepreneurship: A Path for Social Value Creation, "Research Anthology on Approaches to Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship ", Information Resources Management Association (USA), Editör, IGI Global, Pennsylvania, ss.1151-1180, 2022
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