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dc.contributor.authorInce, ALİ TÜZÜN
dc.contributor.authorTOZLU, Mukaddes
dc.contributor.authorBAYSAL, Birol
dc.contributor.authorSenturk, HAKAN
dc.contributor.authorArici, Sema
dc.contributor.authorOzden, Ali
dc.description.abstractBackground/Aims: H. pylon eradication has been recommended for dyspeptic patients in high prevalance regions. Triple therapies are still prescribed mostly because culture and antibiotic susceptibility tests aren-t widely available in the world. Dual therapy with high-dose proton pump inhibitors reported to have higher eradication rates. Our objective was to determine eradication success and cost-effectivity of dual therapy in dyspeptic patients. Methodology: Patients were treated orally with either dual (n:74,omeprazole 20mg q.i.d and amoxicillin 1g b.i.d) or triple therapy (n:116,omeprazole 20mg b.i.d and amoxicillin 1g b.i.d and clarithromycin 500mg b.i.d) for 14 days. HpSA was requested 3 months later. The results were evaluated statistically, p values <0,05 were considered significant. Results: Patients (n:190) were included the study((80 female,110 male, mean age: 35.6 11yearr). Alcohol/smoking, endoscopic findings and H. pylon rates with pathological examinations were not significantly different between groups whereas there was significant difference in HpFast tests(p<0.01). Whe examined with HpSA tests 3 months after the treatment eradication rate was 81.1% in the dual therapy group versus 63.8% in the triple therapy group (p:0.011) Dual therapy was economic than triple therapy (144USDvs.107USD,p<0.001). Conclusions: Dual therapy seems more successful cost-effective and is less risky in terms of side effects compared to standard triple therapy in patients with dyspepsia.
dc.subjectInce A. T. , TOZLU M., BAYSAL B., Senturk H., Arici S., Ozden A., -Yields of Dual Therapy Containing High-Dose Proton Pump Inhibitor in Eradication of H. Pylori Positive Dyspeptic Patients-, HEPATO-GASTROENTEROLOGY, cilt.61, ss.1454-1458, 2014
dc.titleYields of Dual Therapy Containing High-Dose Proton Pump Inhibitor in Eradication of H. Pylori Positive Dyspeptic Patients
local.article.journalnameBioorganic &amp; medicinal chemistry

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