One-year follow-up in patients with brainstem infarction due to large-artery atherothrombosis

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Kolukisa, MEHMET
GUELTEKIN, Tugce Ozdemir
BARAN, Gozde Eryigit
Aralasmak, AYŞE
KOCAMAN, Guelsen
GUERSOY, Azize Esra
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Background: Posterior circulation infarction accounts for approximately 25% of the ischemic strokes. A number of different conditions may be associated with the development of brainstem infarction. Prognosis and recurrence rate of brainstem infarction due to large-artery atherothrombosis is still controversial. Methods: A total of 826 patients with ischemic stroke were admitted to our clinic during a 15-month period. Patients with clinical and radiological evidence of brainstem infarction were comprehensively assessed with appropriate vascular imaging modalities and for cardiological causes. Subjects with an established diagnosis of large-artery atherothrombosis were followed up for 1 year in terms of prognosis and recurrence rates. Results: Of the 101 patients with an established brainstem infarction, the diagnostic work-up indicated the presence of large-artery atherothrombosis as the causative factor in 53. A recurrent stroke was detected in the posterior circulation within the first 3 months in 5.8% and within 1 year in 9.8% of these individuals. The 1-year mortality rate was 11.7%. All patients with recurrent stroke had intracranial vascular narrowing at baseline. Conclusion: Our findings demonstrate a particularly high rate of recurrence and mortality at 1 year among patients who have a brainstem infarction due to intracranial arterial stenosis. Keywords: posterior circulation, intracranial arteries, extracranial arteries, stroke, vertebral artery, basilar artery
Kolukisa M., GUELTEKIN T. O. , BARAN G. E. , Aralasmak A., KOCAMAN G., GUERSOY A. E. , Asil T., -One-year follow-up in patients with brainstem infarction due to large-artery atherothrombosis-, NEUROPSYCHIATRIC DISEASE AND TREATMENT, cilt.11, ss.379-384, 2015
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