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dc.contributor.authorSu, Ozlem
dc.contributor.authorCengiz, FATMA PELİN
dc.contributor.authorEmiroglu, NAZAN
dc.contributor.authorBahali, ANIL GÜLSEL
dc.contributor.authorOZKAYA, Dilek Biyik
dc.contributor.authorOnsun, NAHİDE
dc.description.abstractBackground: There is limited data about the relationship between psoriasis and melanocytic lesions and melanoma. Immunologic pathways which were implicated in psoriasis induce a reduction in the number of melanocytic nevi. Aims and Objectives: To investigate the number of melanocytic nevi in psoriatic patients compared with controls and its relationship with disease severity and type of treatment. Methods: We performed a prospective study in 100 psoriatic patients and 100 controls. Clinical data were recorded for all participants. Results: As compared with controls, patients had overall fewer nevi congenital nevi. Among psoriatic patients, biologic agents and disease severity did not correlate with the number of nevi. Conclusions: Psoriatic patients have fewer nevi than controls. Frequency of nevi in psoriatic patients is not related to treatment and disease severity.en
dc.subjectCengiz F. P. , Emiroglu N., Bahali A. G. , OZKAYA D. B. , Su O., Onsun N., -The Relationship of Psoriasis and Melanocytic Nevi-, INDIAN JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY, cilt.61, ss.664-667, 2016
dc.titleThe Relationship of Psoriasis and Melanocytic Nevi
local.article.journalnameGENERAL PHARMACOLOGY
dc.contributor.institutionauthorONSUN, Nahide

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