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dc.contributor.authorGOREN, Ahmet C.
dc.contributor.authorBILSEL, Gokhan
dc.contributor.authorOzturk, Alp Hakan
dc.contributor.authorTopcu, GÜLAÇTI
dc.description.abstractThe compositions of colophony resins obtained from Pinus brutia Ten trees by three different methods (acid paste, carved hole and scraping) from Ayvacik, Gokova and Kemalpasa in Turkey were analyzed by capillary GC-MS The main components were the monoterpenes alpha-pmene, beta-pinene, and Delta(3) carene, and the diterpenic resin acids palustric, abietic, kaur-9(11)-16-en-18-oic and neoabietic acid The synthetic colophony resins exhibited similar contents to those of the natural resins obtained from the Gokova and Kemalpasa regions of Turkey However, colophony resins from Ayvacik exhibited only half the diterpenic acid content as those of the Gokova and Kemalpasa resins Out of the three techniques, the carved hole method caused rather different percentages in the constituents of the essential oils
dc.subjectGOREN A. C. , BILSEL G., Ozturk A. H. , Topcu G., -Chemical Composition of Natural Colophony from Pinus brutia and Comparison with Synthetic Colophony-, NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, cilt.5, ss.1729-1732, 2010
dc.titleChemical Composition of Natural Colophony from Pinus brutia and Comparison with Synthetic Colophony

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