Characterization and Differentiation of Stem Cells Isolated from Human Newborn Foreskin Tissue

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Somuncu, Ozge Sezin
Tasli, Pakize Neslihan
Sisli, Hatice Burcu
Somuncu, SALİH
Sahin, Fikrettin
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Circumcision is described as a cultural, medical, and religious process which states surgical removal of the foreskin either partly or fully. Cells isolated from the circumcised tissues are referred as foreskin cells. They have been thought as feeder cell lines for embryonic stem cells. Their fibroblastic properties were also utilized for several experiments. The waste tissues that remain after the circumcision thought to have stem cell properties. Therefore, there have been very few attempts to expose their stem cell properties without turning them into induced pluripotent stem cells. Although stem cell isolation from prepuce and their mesenchymal multilineage differentiation potential have been presented many times in the literature, the current study explored hematopoietical phenotype of newborn foreskin stem cells for the first time. According to the results, human newborn foreskin stem cells (hnFSSCs) were identified by their capability to turn into all three germ layer cell types under in vitro conditions. In addition, these cells have exhibited a stable phenotype and have remained as a monolayer in vitro. hnFSSCs suggested to carry different treatment potentials for bone damages, cartilage problems, nerve damages, lesion formations, and other diseases that are derive from mesodermal, endodermal, and ectodermal origins. Owing to the location of the tissue in the body and differentiation capabilities of hnFSSCs, these cells can be considered as easily obtainable and utilizable even better than the other stem cell sources. In addition, hnFSSCs offers a great potential for tissue engineering approaches due to exhibiting embryonic stem cell-like characteristics, not having any ethical issues, and teratoma induction as in embryonic stem cell applications.
Somuncu O. S. , Tasli P. N. , Sisli H. B. , Somuncu S., Sahin F., -Characterization and Differentiation of Stem Cells Isolated from Human Newborn Foreskin Tissue-, APPLIED BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, cilt.177, ss.1040-1054, 2015
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