Leriche Syndrome With Lumbar Disc Hernia: First Case Report in Literature

Seyithanoglu, MEHMET HAKAN
Gundag, MELİHA
DOGAN, Kazim
PERU, Celalettin
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Leriche syndrome and lumbar disc herniation have typical clinical findings of their own, although similar findings can form in the lower extremities. Lumbar disc herniation surgery is commonly performed today. With radiological and clinical findings; such as low back and lower limb pain which not heal with medical treatment, motor and sensorial deficit and reflex amendments are indications of surgery. In differential diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation, rare pathologies such as Leriche syndrome should be considered. This syndrome is an occlusive thrombotic lesion of proximal part of bifurcation of abdominal aorta. The characteristic symptoms include inability to maintain penile erection, fatigue of both lower limbs, intermittent bilateral claudication with ischemic pain and absent or diminished femoral pulses along with pallor or coldness of both lower extremities. This patient was operated before with diagnose of lumbar disc herniation because of overlapping of symptoms and after 40 days Leriche syndrome was diagnosed. Vascular lesions should be considered in preoperative differential diagnosis in cases with radiologically and clinically diagnosed lumbar disc herniation. Symptoms should be depend on Leriche syndrome, findings of two disease should be together.

Seyithanoglu M. H. , Gundag M., DOGAN K., Kitis S., Aydin T., PERU C., -Leriche Syndrome With Lumbar Disc Hernia: First Case Report in Literature-, JOURNAL OF NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES-TURKISH, cilt.28, ss.641-645, 2011
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