COVİD-19 infection in a membranous nephropathy patient treated with rituximab.

Elcioglu, Omer Celal
Artan, Ayse Serra
Mirioglu, Safak
Gursu, Meltem
Durdu, Bulent
Koc, Meliha Meric
Okyaltirik, Fatmanur
Gultekin, Mehmet Ali
Kazancioglu, Rümeyza
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While COVID-19 pandemic continues to afect our country and most countries in the world, we have to make some changes both in our social life and our approach to healthcare. We have to struggle with the pandemic on one hand and also try to follow up and treat our patients with chronic diseases in the most appropriate way. In this period, one of our group of patients who are challenging us for follow-up and treatment are those who should start or continue to use immunosuppressive therapy. In order to contribute to the accumulation of knowledge in this area, we wanted to report a patient who was followed up with the diagnosis of COVID-19 and had been administered rituximab very recently due to a nephrotic syndrome caused by membranous nephropathy.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Immunosuppression, Membranous nephropathy, Rituximab
Elcioglu O., Artan A., Mirioglu S., Gursu M., Durdu B., Meric K., Okyaltirik F., Gultekin M., Kazancioglu R., -COVİD-19 infection in a membranous nephropathy patient treated with rituximab.-, CEN case reports, 2020
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