Evaluation of 563 children with chronic cough accompanied by a new clinical algorithm

GEDIK, Ahmet Hakan
BAHALI, Kayhan
NURSOY, Mustafa
GOKCE, Selim
Cakir, ERKAN
Ozkaya, EMİN
Uzuner, SELÇUK
Erenberk, UFUK
Torun, EMEL
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Background: This study aims to evaluate the children with chronic cough and to analyze their etiological factors according to the age groups. Method: Five hundred sixty-three children with chronic cough were included. The last diagnosis were established and were also emphasized according to the age groups. Results: The mean age was 5.4 ± 3.8 years (2-months–17-years) and 52 % of them were male. The most common final diagnosis from all the participants were: asthma (24.9 %), asthma-like symptoms (19 %), protracted bacterial bronchitis (PBB) (11.9 %), and upper airway cough syndrome (9.1 %). However, psychogenic cough was the second most common diagnosis in the subjects over 6 years of age. Conclusion: Asthma and asthma-like symptoms were the most common diagnosis in children. Different age groups in children may have a different order of frequencies. Psychogenic cough should be thought of in the common causes especially in older children.

chronic cough
GEDIK A. H. , Cakir E., Torun E., DEMIR A. D. , KUCUKKOC M., Erenberk U., Uzuner S., NURSOY M., Ozkaya E., AKSOY F., et al., -Evaluation of 563 children with chronic cough accompanied by a new clinical algorithm-, ITALIAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, cilt.41, 2015
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