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dc.contributor.authorKILINCASLAN, Huseyin
dc.contributor.authorYildiz, KEMALETTİN
dc.contributor.authorARMAGAN, Abdullah
dc.contributor.authorYesil, GÖZDE
dc.contributor.authorSILAY, Mesrur Selcuk
dc.contributor.authorOzgen, Ilker Tolga
dc.description.abstractCongenital agenesis of the scrotum and labia majora is very exceptional. To date, only 6 cases of scrotal agenesis have been reported. To our knowledge, the anomalies of the labioscrotal folds in siblings have not yet been reported. We report the complete agenesis of the scrotum and labia majora within the 3 members of the same family. Additionally, successful reconstruction of the neoscrotum was performed for the first time for congenital scrotal agenesis. UROLOGY 81: 421-423, 2013. Crown Copyright (C) 2013 Published by Elsevier Inc.
dc.subjectSILAY M. S. , Yesil G., Yildiz K., KILINCASLAN H., Ozgen I. T. , ARMAGAN A., -Congenital Agenesis of Scrotum and Labia Majora in Siblings-, UROLOGY, cilt.81, ss.421-423, 2013
dc.titleCongenital Agenesis of Scrotum and Labia Majora in Siblings
local.article.journalnameGeneral physiology and biophysics

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