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dc.contributor.authorMARESCA, Mauro
dc.contributor.authorSunbul, Mustafa
dc.contributor.authorYilmaz, Gulden
dc.contributor.authorYilmaz, Hava
dc.contributor.authorSHARIF-YAKAN, Ahmad
dc.contributor.authorKANJ, Souha Shararah
dc.contributor.authorParlak, Emine
dc.contributor.authorPEHLIVANOGLU, Filiz
dc.contributor.authorKORKMAZ, Fatime
dc.contributor.authorKomur, Suheyla
dc.contributor.authorAkkoyunlu, YASEMİN
dc.contributor.authorBolukcu, SİBEL
dc.contributor.authorKOSE, Sukran
dc.contributor.authorULUG, Mehmet
dc.contributor.authorCOSKUNER, Seher Ayten
dc.contributor.authorInce, Nevin
dc.contributor.authorHALAC, Gulistan
dc.contributor.authorSahin-Horasan, Elif
dc.contributor.authorTIRELI, Hulya
dc.contributor.authorKILICOGLU, Gamze
dc.contributor.authorAL-MANDAWI, Akram
dc.contributor.authorNemli, Salih Atakan
dc.contributor.authorINAN, Asuman
dc.contributor.authorSENBAYRAK, Seniha
dc.contributor.authorSTAHL, Jean Paul
dc.contributor.authorVAHABOGLU, Haluk
dc.contributor.authorERDEM, Hakan
dc.contributor.authorCAG, Yasemin
dc.contributor.authorOZTURK-ENGIN, Derya
dc.contributor.authorDefres, Sylviane
dc.contributor.authorKAYA, SELÇUK
dc.contributor.authorLARSEN, Lykke
dc.contributor.authorPOLJAK, Mario
dc.contributor.authorBARSIC, Bruno
dc.contributor.authorARGEMI, Xavier
dc.contributor.authorSORENSEN, Signe Maj
dc.contributor.authorBOHR, Anne Lisbeth
dc.contributor.authorTATTEVIN, Pierre
dc.contributor.authorGunst, Jesper Damsgaard
dc.contributor.authorBASTAKOVA, Lenka
dc.contributor.authorJEREB, Matjaz
dc.contributor.authorJOHANSEN, Isik Somuncu
dc.contributor.authorKarabay, Oguz
dc.contributor.authorPEKOK, Abdullah Umut
dc.contributor.authorSipahi, Oguz Resat
dc.contributor.authorChehri, Mahtab
dc.contributor.authorBERAUD, Guillaume
dc.contributor.authorSHEHATA, Ghaydaa
dc.contributor.authorDEL VECCHIO, Rosa Fontana
dc.contributor.authorKarsen, Hasan
dc.contributor.authorSENGOZ, Gonul
dc.description.abstractData in the literature regarding the factors that predict unfavorable outcomes in adult herpetic meningoencephalitis (HME) cases are scarce. We conducted a multicenter study in order to provide insights into the predictors of HME outcomes, with special emphasis on the use and timing of antiviral treatment. Samples from 501 patients with molecular confirmation from cerebrospinal fluid were included from 35 referral centers in 10 countries. Four hundred thirty-eight patients were found to be eligible for the analysis. Overall, 232 (52.9%) patients experienced unfavorable outcomes, 44 died, and 188 survived, with sequelae. Age (odds ratio [OR], 1.04; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.02 to 1.05), Glasgow Coma Scale score (OR, 0.84; 95% CI, 0.77 to 0.93), and symptomatic periods of 2 to 7 days (OR, 1.80; 95% CI, 1.16 to 2.79) and >7 days (OR, 3.75; 95% CI, 1.72 to 8.15) until the commencement of treatment predicted unfavorable outcomes. The outcome in HME patients is related to a combination of therapeutic and host factors. This study suggests that rapid diagnosis and early administration of antiviral treatment in HME patients are keys to a favorable outcome.
dc.subjectERDEM H., CAG Y., OZTURK-ENGIN D., Defres S., KAYA S., LARSEN L., POLJAK M., BARSIC B., ARGEMI X., SORENSEN S. M. , et al., -Results of a Multinational Study Suggest the Need for Rapid Diagnosis and Early Antiviral Treatment at the Onset of Herpetic Meningoencephalitis-, ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY, cilt.59, ss.3084-3089, 2015
dc.titleResults of a Multinational Study Suggest the Need for Rapid Diagnosis and Early Antiviral Treatment at the Onset of Herpetic Meningoencephalitis

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