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dc.contributor.authorAlkan, ALPAY
dc.contributor.authorATAY, Musa
dc.contributor.authorHANIMOGLU, Hakan
dc.contributor.authorAralasmak, AYŞE
dc.contributor.authorSharifov, RASUL
dc.contributor.authorKILICARSLAN, Rukiye
dc.description.abstractOrbital penetrating injuries may cause significant harm to optic nerves and eyeball as well as to the brain and cerebral vasculature. Defining surrounding neurovascular structures by CT angiography (CTA) is important for surgical removal. We present an uncommon case of a 3-year-old child with a penetrating orbital injury caused by a toothbrush. To the best of our knowledge, there is no report orbital injury with a toothbrush so far.
dc.subjectATAY M., Alkan A., HANIMOGLU H., Sharifov R., KILICARSLAN R., Aralasmak A., -CT Angiography Evaluation of Unusual Transorbital Penetrating Injury: A Toothbrush-, JOURNAL OF NEUROIMAGING, cilt.23, ss.314-316, 2013
dc.titleCT Angiography Evaluation of Unusual Transorbital Penetrating Injury: A Toothbrush
local.article.journalnameTurkiye Klinikleri Journal of Dental Sciencesıp Fakültesi

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