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dc.contributor.authorBilsel, Kerem
dc.contributor.authorYildiz, FATİH
dc.contributor.authorKapicioglu, MEHMET
dc.contributor.authorUzer, GÖKÇER
dc.contributor.authorElmadag, Mehmet
dc.contributor.authorPULATKAN, Anil
dc.contributor.authorEsrefoglu, MUKADDES
dc.contributor.authorBozdag, Ergun
dc.contributor.authorMILANO, Giuseppe
dc.description.abstractBackground: This study used a chronic rotator cuff (RC) tear model to investigate the effect of microfracture as a bone marrow-stimulating (BMS) technique for RC healing.
dc.subjectBilsel K., Yildiz F., Kapicioglu M., Uzer G., Elmadag M., PULATKAN A., Esrefoglu M., Bozdag E., MILANO G., -Efficacy of bone marrow-stimulating technique in rotator cuff repair-, JOURNAL OF SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGERY, cilt.26, ss.1360-1366, 2017
dc.titleEfficacy of bone marrow-stimulating technique in rotator cuff repair
local.article.journalnameoral health and dental management

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