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dc.contributor.authorAYDIN, SERDAR
dc.description.abstractAim: We aimed to constitute age-specific reference serum values for anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) in women, and to analyze the distribution of basal serum AMH levels in Turkish women of reproductive age attending an infertility clinic to provide a framework for expected values according to age. Material and Method: Retrospective analysis of prospectively collected data on cycle day 2-3 serum AMH measurements of 409 women attending a single infertility unit in Turkey through a 12-month-period was performed. Results: Concentrations of serum AMH were shown to decrease with advancing age of the female partner. The mean age of the women was 34.04 +/- 5.39 years and the mean AMH level of the women was 1.77 +/- 1.82. The AMH levels were grouped according to age as follows: 20-24, 25-29, 30-34,35-39, and >40 years. The median AMH values were 2.16 ng/ml, 2.15 ng/ml, 1.71 ng/ml, 0.80 ng/ml, and 0.47 ng/ml, respectively according to the age groups. Discussion: The present data provide a framework for age-specific serum AMH levels in a Turkish population of infertile women.
dc.subjectAYDIN S., -Age-Related Distribution of Basal Anti-Mullerian Hormone Levels in a Population of Infertile Women-, JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND ANALYTICAL MEDICINE, cilt.7, ss.355-358, 2016
dc.titleAge-Related Distribution of Basal Anti-Mullerian Hormone Levels in a Population of Infertile Women
local.article.journalnameTRANSPLANT INTERNATIONALıp Fakültesi

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