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dc.contributor.authorAKBEN, MİNE
dc.contributor.authorSÖNMEZ, MEHTAP
dc.contributor.authorKIRAN, Gürkan
dc.description.abstractFamily planning and education have an important role in the positive management of many health indicators such as reducing maternal and infant mortalities, healthy and controlled pregnancy, and postpartum maternal and baby health. This study was carried out to examine the knowledge level of women of reproductive age about family planning methods and to determine their usage status. This research is a cross-sectional descriptive study. Women aged 15-49 who applied to health institutions in Kahramanmaraş and needed to use the family planning methods constituted the population of the research. 1000 women were included in the research without sampling. The questionnaire which was prepared by the researchers and included questions about socio-demographic characteristics and family planning was applied to women. Data were analyzed in the SPSS 19.0 program. The data were given in the form of averages, percentages and distributions, and chi-square test was applied. According to analysis results, it was determined that 84.2% of women preferred at least one of the family planning methods. The ratio of using method significantly increased as the age increased (p=0.001). It was determined that the ratio of using method increased as the educational level increased although it was not statistically significant. It was determined that the women who participated in the research started to use method after the second child on an average. At the same time, the ratio of using method also increased significantly as the number of delivery of women increased (p=0.000).It was determined that the socio-economic levels of women are important factors in the usage and preferences of family planning which has an important place in terms of women and children's health.en
dc.subjectAKBEN M., SÖNMEZ M., KIRAN G., -Family planning usage status in women aged 15-49 and the affecting factors: example of kahramanmaras province-, Medicine Science International Medical Journal, ss.1, 2017
dc.titleFamily planning usage status in women aged 15-49 and the affecting factors: example of kahramanmaras province

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