Recommendations for the selection of techniques and components used in congenital heart surgery in Turkey

dc.contributor.authorUndar, Akif
dc.contributor.authorHaydin, Sertac
dc.contributor.authorEREK, Ersin
dc.contributor.authorYivli, Perihan
dc.contributor.authorOdemis, Ender
dc.contributor.authorAgirbasli, Mehmet
dc.contributor.authorAlkan-Bozkaya, Tijen
dc.contributor.authorTurkoz, Ayda
dc.contributor.authorTurkoz, Riza
dc.contributor.authorSasmazel, Ahmet
dc.contributor.authorKaraci, Ali Riza
dc.contributor.authorCicek, Ali Ekber
dc.contributor.authorYalcinbas, Yusuf
dc.contributor.authorAkcevin, Atif
dc.contributor.authorSarioglu, Tayyar
dc.contributor.authorBakir, Ihsan
dc.contributor.institutionauthorTÜRKÖZ, AYDA
dc.description.abstractThere is no standard for the selection of technical and mechanical components (heart-lung machine system, oxygenator, arterial and venous cannulae, arterial filter and other specifically-designed components and devices) used in cardiopulmonary bypass in Turkey. The cost of the component plays a significant role in the selection, as well as the preference of the facility. Only a limited number of hospitals decide which components to be used based on scientific data. Studies have confirmed that selected novel techniques and components having no basis of scientific justification may pose risk for the life of the patient in the short- and long-term. The objectives of this study are to show how to use quality-control procedures and scientific data for the selection of novel techniques and components and to share, also, recent techniques experienced to minimize the complication risk after surgery.
dc.identifier.citationUndar A., Haydin S., EREK E., Yivli P., Odemis E., Agirbasli M., Alkan-Bozkaya T., Turkoz A., Turkoz R., Sasmazel A., et al., -Recommendations for the selection of techniques and components used in congenital heart surgery in Turkey-, TURK GOGUS KALP DAMAR CERRAHISI DERGISI-TURKISH JOURNAL OF THORACIC AND CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY, cilt.20, ss.399-405, 2012
dc.titleRecommendations for the selection of techniques and components used in congenital heart surgery in Turkey