Multisystemic Long-Term Sequelae of Covid-19: A Review Based on the Current Literature Over a Year of Pandemic Experience

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MERT, Ömer
Kocyigit, Burhan Fatih
Aksu, Ekrem
Akkok, Burcu
Tasdogan, Ali Muhittin
Sahin, Murat
Senel, Mahmut Egemen
Sumbul, Hilmi Erdem
Gulumsek, Erdinc
Buyuksimsek, Mahmut
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On January 7, 2020, it was announced that the Chinese Government isolated a new variant of Coronavirus (SARS CoV-2). Officials reported that populations were not equally affected in terms of the number of cases, severe illness, and death. As of 28 December 2020, 81,000,000 cases have been confirmed globally, and approximately 1,770,000 total deaths have been reported for COVID-19. Besides difficulties of COVID-19 management in the acute stage, long-term consequences of the infection could cause widespread public health problems across the World. This review article aims to examine current literature regarding COVID-19, identify post-illness sequelae, detect patients at risk for sequelae, and provide guidance to management strategies. In the report, long-term pulmonary sequels and systemic problems including cardiovascular, neurological, psychiatric, endocrinologic, nephrological, hematologic, gastrointestinal, dermatologic, etc. of COVID-19 are discussed in accordance with recent scientific publications.
ŞAHİN A. R. , Kocyigit B. F. , Aksu E., Akkok B., Tasdogan A. M. , Sahin M., Senel M. E. , Sumbul H. E. , Gulumsek E., Buyuksimsek M., et al., -Multisystemic Long-Term Sequelae of Covid-19: A Review Based on the Current Literature Over a Year of Pandemic Experience-, EURASIAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE AND ONCOLOGY, cilt.5, sa.1, ss.6-26, 2021
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