Multidisciplinary approach for the rehabilitation of central giant cell granuloma: A clinical report

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Yuzbasioglu, Emir
Alkan, Alper
Ozer, Mete
Bayram, Mehmet
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The central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) is benign, nonodontogenic, and intraosseous lesion of the jaw. Aggressive subtypes of CGCG have a tendency to recur after excision and require wide resection that leads to major defects in the jaw. In this case report a patient who had severe mandibular bony deficiency as a result of excision of aggressive CGCG, orthodontic, and prosthetic treatment was described. The defect was reconstructed with iliac bone graft. Four years later vertical distraction osteogenesis was performed on the grafted mandible in order to obtain a satisfactory bony height of mandibular ridge. After healing period three endosseous dental implants were placed to grafted region. Because of pubertal growth stage, a hybrid removable denture was constructed. The construction of a hybrid removable denture markedly improved the patient-s speech, mastication, and appearance. After pubertal growth stage, a fixed partial denture construction was planned and future parts of treatment procedures were described to the patient. Distraction osteogenesis and endosseous dental implants can be a good alternative method for the unsatisfactory reconstructions of mandibular deficiencies.
Yuzbasioglu E., Alkan A., Ozer M., Bayram M., -Multidisciplinary approach for the rehabilitation of central giant cell granuloma: A clinical report-, NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PRACTICE, cilt.17, ss.528-533, 2014
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