Equal access for all? Access to medical information for European psychiatric trainees

Marques, Joao Gama
Stefanovic, Maja Pantovic
Mitkovic-Voncina, Marija
Riese, Florian
Guloksuz, Sinan
Holmes, Kevin
Kilic, ÖZGE
Banjac, Visnja
Palumbo, Claudia
Nawka, Alexander
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Access to medical information is important as lifelong scientific learning is in close relation with a better career satisfaction in psychiatry. This survey aimed to investigate how medical information sources are being used among members of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees. Eighty-three psychiatric trainees completed our questionnaire. A significant variation was found, and information availability levels were associated with training duration and average income. The most available sources were books and websites, but the most preferred ones were scientific journals. Our findings suggest that further steps should be taken to provide an equal access to medical information across Europe. (C) 2016 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

Marques J. G. , Stefanovic M. P. , Mitkovic-Voncina M., Riese F., Guloksuz S., Holmes K., Kilic Ö., Banjac V., Palumbo C., Nawka A., et al., -Equal access for all? Access to medical information for European psychiatric trainees-, PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH, cilt.238, ss.150-152, 2016
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