Use of cement combined grafting in upper and lower extremity benign bone tumors

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Pulatkan, Anil
Ucan, Vandet
GÜRKAN, Volkan
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Objectives: This study aims to investigate the effectivity of cement combined demineralized bone matrix (DBM) treatment on new bone formation in the cortical window as well as to evaluate the effect of new bone formation on functional outcomes. Patients and methods: Thirty-two benign bone tumor patients (15 males, 17 females; median age 38 years; range, 12 to 68 years), who were treated with cement combined DBM between February 2010 and December 2014, were evaluated retrospectively. Patient characteristics were recorded as age, gender, tumor localization, histological diagnosis, Enneking stage, tumor size, size of the cortical window, usage of prophylactic fixation, time to return to work, Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS) functional score, tumor relapse, and new bone formation on the cortical window in the computed tomography scans after one year of surgery. Results: Median tumor volume was 17.2 cm 3 (range, 2.8 to 139.6 cm 3 ), median area of the cortical window was 8.3 cm 2 (range, 1.6 to 28.4 cm 2 ), and median postoperative one-year MSTS score was 84.5 (range, 66 to 97). MSTS scores were significantly worse with the usage of prophylactic fixation (p<0.001). There was a statistically significant difference between the usage of prophylactic fixation and cortical window size (p=0.013). There was a low-level negative correlation in terms of age and bone formation on the cortical window (p=0.046, r= -0.356) and mid -level negative correlation between cortical window size and functional scores (p=0.001, r= -0.577). Conclusion: Application of cement combined with DBM procedure is an effective, alternative, and biological treatment in bone tumors that provides immediate stability and stimulates new bone formation on the cortical window.
Bone tumors
Pulatkan A., Ucan V., TOKDEMİR S., ELMALI N., GÜRKAN V., -Use of cement combined grafting in upper and lower extremity benign bone tumors-, JOINT DISEASES AND RELATED SURGERY, cilt.31, ss.335-340, 2020
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