Tıp Fakültesi Son Sınıf Öğrencilerin Tıpta Uzmanlık Sınavında Tercihlerini Etkileyen Faktörler ve Acil Tıp Uzmanlığı Dalı Hakkında Tutumları

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Göksu, Muhammet Mert
Taşlıdere, Bahadır
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Aim: It is important to investigate the factors affecting the choice of the specialty area of medical students. Determining the factors that affect this selection reveals the priorities that students take into account. It is important to investigate the prejudices about not choosing emergency medicine and some surgical branches which are in a strategic position. Solution-oriented strategies should be developed in this regard. Material and Methods: This study includes 86 of the final year students of the Faculty of Medicine. The participation rate in the survey was 80.4% and all participants- approvals were received. The questionnaire developed by the researchers was used as a data collection tool in the study. The survey consisted of 40 questions. 10 of the questions were for socio-demographic information, 30 of them included the reasons for choosing the medical school, the reasons for taking the specialty examination in medicine, the desired and unwanted specialties. 27 of these were Likert type questions. Results: 46 of the participants were female (53.3%), 40 of them were male (46.5%). Among our students, it is seen that the main reason for choosing Medical Faculty is -willingness to help people- (75.6%) and -a promising profession- (69.8%). In addition, the family influence in this preference was found to be 55.8%. Our question -Would you consider Emergency Medicine Specialist as your first choice?- Was answered negatively at a rate of 72%. The most preferred reason for those who think to choose; were the advantages of working on a seizure in emergency medicine. The biggest negative thought about emergency medicine has been its physical and psychological severity, the high number of seizures, and the fear of being exposed to violence. Dermatology and cardiology were the most desired departments among the specialty branches, while gynecology and obstetrics, General surgery, and pediatry were among the undesirable departments. Conclusion: The biggest obstacle to emergency medicine choices was the exhausting seizures and the fear of exposure to violence. The future plans of the final year students of the Faculty of Medicine do not only concern themselves but also the future of the departments that are not preferred. It is necessary to determine the factors that affect the surgical branches and emergency medicine preferences of the students. In this way, studies should be carried out for factors that are perceived negatively and important strategic expertise branches for our future should be supported. Keywords: Emergency Medicine, Medical Students, Specialization Exam
Göksu M. M. , Taşlıdere B., -Tıp Fakültesi Son Sınıf Öğrencilerin Tıpta Uzmanlık Sınavında Tercihlerini Etkileyen Faktörler ve Acil Tıp Uzmanlığı Dalı Hakkında Tutumları-, Anatolian Journal of Emergency Medicine, cilt.4, sa.1, ss.5-11, 2021
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