Plasma levels and distribution of gene polymorphisms of factor VII in Turkish population.

Turfan, Murat
Poyraz, Fatih
Kaymak, Aysegül Öztürk
Ergun, Mehmet Ali
Tavil, Yusuf
Gursel, Turkiz
Abaci, Adnan
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Three factor VII (FVII) promoter haplotypes are associated with stratified plasma FVII levels. To our knowledge, this is the first study examining the distribution of FVII gene polymorphism and levels in Turkish population. The study population was classified into 3 groups according to the absence of coronary arterial disease and presence or absence of a history of myocardial infarction. It was found that the levels of FVII coagulant activity (FVIIc) were higher in the event group than that of the other groups. Participants with high FVIIc levels were found to have 2-fold increased risk for myocardial infarction. The alleles at the FVII loci in all cases are similar. In conclusion, our results indicate that FVIIc levels have an important predictive role in cardiovascular events. The distribution of FVII gene polymorphisms in the Turkish population shows significant differences when compared with European populations.

FVIIa, Turkish, atherosclerosis, cardiology, gene polymorphisms, thrombosis
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