Understanding clinical outcomes and factors influencing mortality in intensive care unit patients with COVID-19-associated candidemia

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Al Maslamani M.
Rahimi B. A.
Ayoade F.
El-Kholy A.
Belitova M.
Sengel B. E.
Jalal S.
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Background: During the COVID pandemic, research has shown an increase in candidemia cases following severe COVID infection and the identification of risk factors associated with candidemia. However, there is a lack of studies that specifically explore clinical outcomes and mortality rates related to candidemia after COVID infection.Objectives: The aim of this international study was to evaluate the clinical outcomes and identify factors influencing mortality in patients who developed candidemia during their COVID infection.Patients/Methods: This study included adult patients (18 years of age or older) admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and diagnosed with COVID-associated candidemia (CAC). The research was conducted through ID-IRI network and in collaboration with 34 medical centres across 18 countries retrospectively, spanning from the beginning of the COVID pandemic until December 2021.Results: A total of 293 patients diagnosed with CAC were included. The median age of the patients was 67, and 63% of them were male. The most common Candida species detected was C. albicans. The crude 30-day mortality rate was recorded at 62.4%. The logistic regression analysis identified several factors significantly impacting mortality, including age (odds ratio [OR] 1.04, 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.02-1.07, p < .0005), SOFA score (OR 1.307, 95% CI 1.17-1.45, p < .0005), invasive mechanical ventilation (OR 7.95, 95% CI 1.44-43.83, p < .017) and duration of mechanical ventilation (OR 0.98, 95% CI 0.96-0.99, p < .020).Conclusions: By recognising these prognostic factors, medical professionals can customise their treatment approaches to offer more targeted care, leading to improved patient outcomes and higher survival rates for individuals with COVID-associated candidemia.
Tıp, Dahili Tıp Bilimleri, Dermatoloji, Tarımsal Bilimler, Ziraat, Bitki Koruma, Fitopatoloji, Mikoloji, Sağlık Bilimleri, Medicine, Internal Medicine Sciences, Dermatology, Agricultural Sciences, Agriculture, Plant Protection, Phytopathology, Mycology, Health Sciences, DERMATOLOJİ, Klinik Tıp, Klinik Tıp (MED), MİKOLOJİ, Bitki ve Hayvan Bilimleri, Tarım ve Çevre Bilimleri (AGE), DERMATOLOGY, CLINICAL MEDICINE, Clinical Medicine (MED), MYCOLOGY, PLANT & ANIMAL SCIENCE, Agriculture & Environment Sciences (AGE), Küçük hayvanlar, Small Animals
AYDIN S., MERT A., YILMAZ M., Al Maslamani M., Rahimi B. A., Ayoade F., El-Kholy A., Belitova M., Sengel B. E., Jalal S., et al., "Understanding clinical outcomes and factors influencing mortality in intensive care unit patients with COVID-19-associated candidemia", MYCOSES, cilt.67, sa.1, 2024
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