Investigation of Patients- Persistence Rate of Antibiotic Prescription by Sensitive Question Method; A Cross Sectional Study

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Ahmedian, Robap
Ercan, İlker
Uncu, Yeşim
Toluk, Özlem
Can, Fatma Ezgi
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Sensitive question methods are used when the subject under investigation is illegal or undesirable, and respondents are unwilling to give truthful answers to the questions. In our study intended to antibiotics prescription, we investigated insistence of patients and their try to force physician for prescription, by using sensitive question methods. There are many methods account for sensitive subjects, we used crosswise model which is one of the sensitive question methods. The crosswise model has developed for sensitive questions which participants are hesitant to answer directly. In this method, participants receive two questions which one of them is a sensitive question and another one is a non-sensitive. The probability of the non-sensitive question is known to the researcher. To answer the questions, participants are asked to select -A- if both items have the same answer or they are asked to select -B- if the two items do not have the same answer, in this way the sensitive question is not asked directly. For this study a cross-sectional survey using a validated self-administered questionnaire was held in Bursa city. For the sensitive question we asked respondents if they force the physician to prescribe antibiotics with complaining of unrealistic health symptoms. The non-sensitive item asked respondents about their birthday: -Is your birthday in January, February, or March?- In our study, a total of 1050 questionnaires was applied to 1050 patients by Uludag University. As a result of application, 30% of the patients were forced the physician to prescribe antibiotics.
Ahmedian R., Ercan İ., Uncu Y., Toluk Ö., Can F. E. , -Investigation of Patients- Persistence Rate of Antibiotic Prescription by Sensitive Question Method; A Cross Sectional Study-, 5th International Researchers, Statisticians and Young Statisticians Congress, Aydın, Türkiye, 18 - 20 Ekim 2019, ss.76
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