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dc.contributor.authorYildirim, YAVUZ SELİM
dc.contributor.authorSENTURK, EROL
dc.contributor.authorOzturan, ORHAN
dc.description.abstractTonsillectomy is one of the most common operations performed by otolaryngologists. Some extraordinary complications of this surgery are massive bleeding, taste perception disorders due to glossopharyngeal nerve damage, hematoma of the mouth floor, jugular vein thrombosis, Grisel syndrome, cervical osteomyelitis, nasopharyngeal stenosis, pulmonary edema, infection, and lingual artery pseudoaneurysm. In this clinical report, an 8-year-old girl presented with a posterior plica perforation after adenotonsillectomy performed 1 week previously and this complication has led to velopharyngeal insufficiency. This rare complication may result from traumatic damage or excessive cauterization of the posterior plica.
dc.subjectYildirim Y. S. , SENTURK E., Ozturan O., -Posterior Plica Perforation: Rare Complication of Adenotonsillectomy-, JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY, cilt.25, 2014
dc.titlePosterior Plica Perforation: Rare Complication of Adenotonsillectomy
local.article.journalnameBiomedical Research-India

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