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dc.contributor.authorDOOPLY, S. L. S.
dc.contributor.authorAYDAS, A. D.
dc.contributor.authorOZDEMIR, HÜSEYİN
dc.contributor.authorBasaranoglu, GÖKÇEN
dc.contributor.authorKUCUK, S.
dc.contributor.authorSAIDOGLU, L.
dc.contributor.authorMUHAMMEDOGLU, N.
dc.description.abstractHigh incidence of difficult or failed intubation in obstetric patients is still a major problem to challenge anaesthesiologists. Although the probability of difficult intubation is impossible to predict preoperatively, some simple, practical bedside tests may help. This study used five simple tests in an attempt to better evaluate airway changes in pregnant women before and after delivery.
dc.subjectAYDAS A. D. , Basaranoglu G., OZDEMIR H., DOOPLY S. L. S. , MUHAMMEDOGLU N., KUCUK S., SAIDOGLU L., -Airway changes in pregnant women before and after delivery-, IRISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, cilt.184, ss.431-433, 2015
dc.titleAirway changes in pregnant women before and after delivery
local.article.journalnameACTA NEUROLOGICA BELGICA

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