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dc.contributor.authorSecer, Sevgi
dc.contributor.authorCeylan Tuncaboylu, Deniz
dc.description.abstractMechanically enhanced poloxamer (F127)-based injectable hydrogels in the presence of hyaluronic acid (HA) and three types of cyclodextrin (CD) molecules were prepared. With the addition of HA to the F127 system, higher strain values to break down the interactions between the micelles were obtained. The formulations exhibit more frequency-dependent behavior than F127-HA gels with the inclusion of CD molecules. All the F127-HA-CD formulations containing alpha-, beta- and gamma-CD were found in the injectable range and the viscosity values increased considerably when mucin was added to the triple component formulations that prove the mucoadhesive properties of the gels.
dc.subjectSecer S., Ceylan Tuncaboylu D., -Supramolecular poloxamer-based in situ gels with hyaluronic acid and cyclodextrins-, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF POLYMERIC MATERIALS AND POLYMERIC BIOMATERIALS, 2021
dc.titleSupramolecular poloxamer-based in situ gels with hyaluronic acid and cyclodextrins
dc.contributor.institutionauthorTUNCABOYLU, Deniz Ceylan

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