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dc.contributor.authorBektas, Gonca
dc.contributor.authorUzunhan, Tugce Aksu
dc.contributor.authorYildiz, Edibe Pembegul
dc.contributor.authorOzkan, Melis Ulak
dc.contributor.authorYEŞİL, GÖZDE
dc.contributor.authorCaliskan, Mine
dc.description.abstractBackground: Vanishing white matter disease is a heterogeneous disorder caused by mutation in one of the five genes encoding subunits of the eukaryotic initiation factor eIF2B. It is a heterogeneous disorder due to phenotypic variation and a clear genotype-phenotype correlation could not be established so far. We describe a novel mutation in the EIF2B5 gene by analyzing the clinical phenotype and the progression of brain lesions for 10 years.
dc.subjectBektas G., YEŞİL G., Ozkan M. U. , Yildiz E. P. , Uzunhan T. A. , Caliskan M., -Vanishing white matter disease with a novel EIF2B5 mutation: A 10-year follow-up-, CLINICAL NEUROLOGY AND NEUROSURGERY, cilt.171, ss.190-193, 2018
dc.titleVanishing white matter disease with a novel EIF2B5 mutation: A 10-year follow-up

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