Is the Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Procedure Complicated in Patients with Anterior Caliceal Stones?

dc.contributor.authorTEPELER, Abdulkadir
dc.contributor.authorBOZKURT, Omer Faruk
dc.contributor.authorRESORLU, Berkan
dc.contributor.authorSILAY, Mesrur Selcuk
dc.contributor.authorOZYUVALI, Ekrem
dc.contributor.authorErsoz, CEVPER
dc.contributor.authorAkcay, MUZAFFER
dc.contributor.authorAKMAN, Tolga
dc.contributor.authorARMAGAN, Abdullah
dc.contributor.authorUNSAL, Ali
dc.contributor.institutionauthorERSÖZ, CEVPER
dc.contributor.institutionauthorAKÇAY, MUZAFFER
dc.description.abstractObjectives: It was the aim of this study to evaluate and compare the outcomes of percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNL) for the treatment of posterior and anterior caliceal stones. Patients and Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis of 86 patients with isolated caliceal stones who underwent PNL between 2011 and 2012. The patients were classified into two groups according to the localization of the stone, either in the anterior (group 1, n = 41) or posterior (group 2, n = 45) calyx, on axial plane computed tomography. Results: The mean age, male/ female ratio and stone size and location were similar in both groups. Fluoroscopy, operation time and duration of hospitalization were also similar between groups. Patients in group 1 had a greater postoperative hemoglobin drop than patients in group 2. Blood transfusion was required for 5 patients in group 1 and for 4 patients in group 2. In addition, open conversion was required for 2 patients in group 1 during the early postoperative period because of extensive bleeding. Hemodynamics were stabilized with angioembolization in 2 patients with prolonged hematuria in group 1. The overall success and complication rates were similar in both groups. Conclusion: Although the postoperative hemoglobin drop did not significantly differ between groups, hemorrhaging was more severe in patients with anterior caliceal stones than in those with posterior caliceal stones. Copyright (C) 2013 S. Karger AG, Basel
dc.identifier.citationTEPELER A., BOZKURT O. F. , RESORLU B., SILAY M. S. , OZYUVALI E., Ersoz C., Akcay M., AKMAN T., ARMAGAN A., UNSAL A., -Is the Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Procedure Complicated in Patients with Anterior Caliceal Stones?-, UROLOGIA INTERNATIONALIS, cilt.90, ss.389-393, 2013
dc.titleIs the Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Procedure Complicated in Patients with Anterior Caliceal Stones?