Do the Sealer Solvents Used Affect Apically Extruded Debris in Retreatment?

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Canakci, Burhan Can
Er, Ozgur
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Introduction: We evaluated apically extruded debris in the retreatment of root canals filled with different root canal sealers and gutta-percha using different solvents. Methods: Ninety human mandibular central and lateral teeth were prepared using the Reciproc #25.08 nickel-titanium system (VDW GmbH, Munich, Germany) and were divided randomly into 6 groups. In groups 1, 2, and 3, root canals were filled with epoxy resin based sealer and gutta-percha, and in groups 4, 5, and 6, root canals were filled with zinc oxide eugenol based sealer and gutta-percha. Each tooth was placed in a glass vial experimental apparatus. All root canal fillings were removed with the ProTaper Retreatment nickel-titanium system (Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland). During the retreatment procedure, in group 1, Resosolv (Pierre Rolland, Merignac, France) was used; in group 4, Endosolv E (Septodont, Paris, France) was used; and in groups 2 and 5, Guttasolv (Septodont) was used as the solvent. In the control groups (groups 3 and 6), no solvent was used. Reciproc #40 .06 was used for the final preparation. The times required for retreatments were recorded. Results: The weight of the extruded debris and the time required for retreatment were decreased significantly in the groups in which a solvent that was intended specifically for the root canal sealer was used (groups 1 and 4). In the Guttasolv groups (groups 2 and 5), the amount of apically extruded debris and the time required decreased for both root canal sealers. Conclusions: The amount of apically extruded debris and the duration of retreatment were reduced by the use of a solvent specific to the sealer compared with a gutta-percha solvent or no solvent.
Canakci B. C. , Er O., Dincer A. N. , -Do the Sealer Solvents Used Affect Apically Extruded Debris in Retreatment?-, JOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS, cilt.41, ss.1507-1509, 2015
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