Influence of powdered dentin on the shear bond strength of dentin bonding systems

Dalkilic, EVRİM
Genc, Ozgur
Ozcopur, Betul
Belli, Sema
Eskitascioglu, Gurcan
Oezcan, Mutlu
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This study evaluated the effect of different amounts of dentin powder (DP) mixed in Clearfil SE Bond (CSB) or Single Bond (SB) on adhesion to dentin. Human third molars (n=96) were sectioned to expose the mid-coronal dentin and divided into eight experimental groups (n=12 per group), namely, Group 1: CSB, Group 2: CSB+1.5 mg DP, Group 3: CSB+3 mg DP, Group 4: CSB+4.5 mg DP, Group 5: SB, Group 6: SB+1.5 mg DP, Group 7: SB+3 mg DP, and Group 8: SB+4.5 mg DP. Filtek Z250 composite was bonded onto dentin, and all specimens were subjected to shear bond strength test at a crosshead speed of 1 mm/min. Highest bond strength was obtained in Groups 1, 2, and 3 (15.1, 13.5, and 16.4 MPa respectively; p>0.05) and the lowest in Groups 6, 7, and 8 (5.5, 5.6, 4 MPa; p>0.05). DP addition, regardless of amount, adversely affected the bond strength of SB. Bond strength of CSB was not affected when 1.5 or 3 rag of DP was added.

Dalkilic E., Genc O., Ozcopur B., Belli S., Eskitascioglu G., Oezcan M., -Influence of powdered dentin on the shear bond strength of dentin bonding systems-, DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL, cilt.31, ss.758-764, 2012
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