Öfke Denetimi Problemi Yaşayan Çocukların Ebeveynlerinin Anksiyete ve Depresyon Düzeylerinin Belirlenmesi

Çay, Elif
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Bezmialem Vakıf University
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Communication is essential and very important human need. Internet is the most effective communication method in the world nowadays. The technological field seems to continue to guide the lives of internet users, especially in the last few years. Internet addiction is the inability of individuals to control the use of the internet in their daily life. Internet addiction is a type of behavioral addiction. The majority of Turkey's population consists of young people. Adolescents are the main users of new technologies and their main purpose of use is the social interaction. In addition to the negative effects of Internet usage, it has also positive effects when used correctly. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of internet usage and addiction level of adolescents. This study was consisted at four different high school where are located in Eyüp Sultan district of İstanbul. Students participating in the study whose are between 14 and 18 years old. The study was occur of total 350 students whose are 184 (53%) were female students, 166 (47%) were male students. For a healthy life, the term of social and emotional health and mindfulness become very important. Survey investigation of effects of internet addiction on social emotional health and mindfulness levels in adolescents. According to the result of this research, there are 60 (17%) internet addict students and, 290 (83%) students who are not internet addict. There is statisticly significant and, weak reverse relationship between internet addiction and mindfulness. Similarly, there is statistically significant and, weak reverse relationship between internet addiction and social emotional health. Keywords: Internet addiction, adolescent, mindfulness, social emotional health


Thesis (Master)--Bezmialem Vakıf University, Neuroscience Master Program, Istanbul, 2019
Sağlık Eğitimi = Health Education, Bilinç = Consciousness, Bilinçli farkındalık = Mindfulness, Ergenler = Adolescents, Farkındalık = Awareness, Sosyal sağlık = Social health, İnternet = Internet, İnternet bağımlılığı = Internet addiction, İnternet kullanımı = Internet use
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