Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Levels after a Third Heterologous and Homologous BNT162b2 Booster Dose.

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Gareayaghi, Nesrin
Demirci, Mehmet
Ozbey, Dogukan
Dasdemir, Ferhat
Dinc, Harika Oyku
Balkan, Ilker Inanc
Saribas, Suat
Saltoglu, Neşe
Kocazeybek, Bekir
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This study aimed to determine the anti-S (receptor binding protein) RBD IgG antibody titers formed against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) and the neutralizing antibody inhibition percentages (nAb IH%) in blood samples taken after two doses of inactive or mRNA-based vaccine and a booster dose. Volunteers with two doses of inactivated CoronaVac (heterologous group; = 75) and BioNTech (BNT)162b2 mRNA vaccine (homologous group; = 75) were included in this study. All participants preferred the BNT162b2 vaccine as a booster dose. First, peripheral blood samples were taken 3 months after the second vaccine dose. Second, peripheral blood samples were taken 1 month after the booster dose. Anti-S-RBD IgG titers were determined by CMIA (SARS-CoV-2 IgG II Quant). Neutralizing antibodies were detected by a surrogate neutralization assay (SARS-CoV-2 NeutraLISA, Euroimmun, Lübeck, Germany). The median age of the volunteers was 40 (IQR 29-47) years old. After the heterologous booster dose, anti-S-RBD IgG levels and neutralizing antibodies increased approximately 50-fold and 9-fold, respectively. Anti-S-RBD IgG titers increased by 9 and 57 times, respectively, while nAb IH% increased by 1.5 and 16 times, respectively, among those with heterologous reminder doses and those with and without a prior history of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This study showed that after the administration of a heterologous booster dose with BNT162b2 to those whose primary vaccination was with inactivated CoronaVac, the binding and neutralizing antibody levels were similar to those who received a homologous BNT162b2 booster dose. It was observed that the administration of heterologous and homologous booster doses resulted in the development of similar levels of neutralizing antibodies, independently from a prior history of COVID-19.
BNT162b2, CoronaVac, binding antibody, neutralizing antibody
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