Effect of Energy Drink on Bone Formation in the Expanded Inter-Premaxillary Suture

Kazancioglu, Hakki Oguz
Ezirganli, Seref
Aksakalli, Sertac
Birlik, Muhammet
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Maxillary expansion of the median palatal suture is a common procedure in orthodontics. Even after retention, there is a strong tendency to relapse in the expanded suture. The authors- objectives are to accelerate the bone formation process in the expanded suture and to reduce the required retention time by using an energy drink (ED). Twenty rats were divided into 2 groups (n = 20). The expansion-only group was defined as the control group (Group C). The other group was defined as the expansion-plus-energy drink group (Group ED). In Group ED, ED was administered systemically through oro-gastric tubes after the expansion period. After 5 days of expansion, the springs were removed and replaced with short lengths of rectangular retaining wire. Tooth separation was maintained for 12 days. Histomorphometric analysis showed significant differences between the 2 groups in terms of newly formed bone (P = 0.018) and the bone area (P = 0.007). For the parameters that were investigated, Group ED had better results than Group C. These results show that systemic administration of an ED during the early stages of the orthopedic expansion of the intermaxillary suture areas can stimulate bone formation and decrease the time required for retention.

Birlik M., Kazancioglu H. O. , AYDIN M., Aksakalli S., Ezirganli S., -Effect of Energy Drink on Bone Formation in the Expanded Inter-Premaxillary Suture-, JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY, cilt.28, ss.285-289, 2017
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