Relationship Between Degeneration or Sagittal Balance With Modic Changes in the Cervical Spine

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Çevik, Serdar
Kaplan, Atilla
Yılmaz, Hakan
Katar, Salim
Cömert, Serhat
Ünsal, Ülkün
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Objective: This study evaluates the relationship between degenerative and Modic changes (MCs) in the cervical spine and compares the results with the cervical sagittal balance parameters. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed 275 patients with neck pain who applied to our outpatient clinic and underwent cervical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and cervical anteroposterior (AP)/lateral (Lat) X-ray radiography between January 2016 and January 2018. The clinics, demographic information, and radiological findings of the patients were examined. Modic changes, disc degeneration, and facet degeneration (FD) were examined by cervical MRI, and T1 slope and Cobb angle were measured by cervical AP/Lat X-ray radiography. These results were compared to evaluate their relations with each other. Results: No relationship between the presence or absence of degenerative changes (Modic changes, facet degeneration, and disc degeneration) and sagittal balance parameters (T1 slope and Cobb angle) was found. However, when each cervical segment was examined separately, facet degeneration at the C4-C5 level and Modic changes at the C3-C4, C4-C5, and C6-C7 levels were statistically significant with the Cobb angles, and the Modic changes at the C3-C4 level and disc degeneration at the C2-C3 level were found to be significant with T1 slope values. Conclusions: Our findings indicate that MCs increased with decreased cervical curvature, increasing disc and facet degeneration, although the causal mechanisms are not clear.
Cervical Spine, cobb angle, disc degeneration, facet degeneration, magnetic resonance imaging, modic changes, t1 slope
Kitiş S., Çevik S., Kaplan A., Yılmaz H., Katar S., Cömert S., Ünsal Ü., -Relationship Between Degeneration or Sagittal Balance With Modic Changes in the Cervical Spine.-, Cureus, cilt.13, 2021
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