The Relationship Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Burnout Syndrome in Operating Room Workers: Correlational Research

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Akıllı Z. S.
Başaranoğlu G.
Çalım M.
Demircan F.
Çakırca M.
Karaaslan K.
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Objective:The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between burnout syndrome and vitamiMethods:Vitamin D, phosphor, complete blood count, iron, alanine aminotransferase and aspartate amino transferase, thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin B12 and creatinine levels were examined in the healthy staff working in the operating room (minimum 1 year) between the ages of 18-50. The General Health scale, Maslach Burnout inventory and the Beck Depression inventory (BDI) were applied to the operating room staff.Results:There were a low degree of correlation between age and vitamin D levels, positive and modest correlation between income and emotional exhaustion, and low degree of negative correlation between personal accomplishment (PA) and sleep duration. There were low positive correlation between BDI and emotional exhaustion, low positive correlation between BDI and depersonalization, moderate positive correlation between emotional exhaustion (EE) and personal accomplishment, moderate positive correlation between EE and depersonalization, and low positive correlation between PA and depersonalization. There was no significant correlation between other variables.Conclusion:As a conclusion, a significant relationship could not be determined between the scores of the BDI and the emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and PA subscales of the Maslach Burnout scale and the level of vitamin D.Keywords:Vitamin D, burnout, depression, questionnaires
Tıp, Sağlık Bilimleri, Medicine, Health Sciences, Klinik Tıp (MED), Klinik Tıp, Clinical Medicine (MED), CLINICAL MEDICINE
Akıllı Z. S., Başaranoğlu G., Çalım M., Demircan F., Çakırca M., Karaaslan K., "The Relationship Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Burnout Syndrome in Operating Room Workers: Correlational Research", BEZMIALEM SCIENCE, cilt.11, sa.4, ss.440-447, 2023
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