Abdominal çok kesitli bilgisayarlı tomografide saptanan venöz varyasyonlar / The common venous variations in abdominal multislice computed tomography

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Bezmialem Vakıf University
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Objective : In general, the venous variations are asymptomatic. Determination of these variations previously before abdominal surgery and interventional procedures is important because of prevention and reduction of the potential complications. Our aim is to determine the types, prevalance and distribution according to gender of portal vein system and IVC and its branches by using advanced image processing tecniques at routine abdominal multislice compıuted tomography (MDCT) with intravenous contrast agent.Materials and Method : In our study, 471 patients who underwent routine IV contrast-enhanced abdominal MDCT examinations were retrospectively evaluated. The venous phase images were taken on 65. second. We used 0,838 average pitch and o,5 mm collimation. We evaluted the images by using advanced image processing such as maximum intensity projection images, multiplanar reconstruction and volume rendering.Result : In total 471 patients, in 2 patients (0.4 %) variation of IVC, in 122 patients (25.9 %) variation of hepatic vein, in 123 patients (26.1 %) difference in the opening of hepatic vein to İVC, in 162 patients ( 34.4%) variation of the renal vein, 138 patients (29.3%) variation of the portal vein; In 217 female patients, in 33 patients (% 15,2) anomalous openig of right ovarian vein to right renal vein, in 254 male patients, in 30 patients (% 11,8 ) anomalous opening of right testicular vein to right renal vein were detected.Conclusion : The prevelance of variation in branches of the portal vein system and the inferior vena cava are very high. Advanced image processing methods and routine abdominal MDCT can show these variations very well. We should be specified on these variations which have the clinical significance on reporting.
Thesis (Medical)--Bezmialem Vakıf University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiology, Istanbul, 2011.
Radyoloji ve Nükleer Tıp = Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Radyoloji Anabilim Dalı, Department of Radiology, Anjiyografi-dijital subtraksiyon = Angiography-digital subtraction
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