Determination of Pharmaceutical Care Needs of COVID-19 Patients in the 1st Wave of Pandemic

dc.contributor.authorGökçe, Naçize
dc.contributor.authorBektay, Muhammed Yunus
dc.contributor.authorİzzettin, Fikret Vehbi
dc.contributor.institutionauthorBEKTAY, MUHAMMED YUNUS
dc.contributor.institutionauthorİZZETTİN, FIKRET VEHBI
dc.description.abstractTurkey In 2020 COVID-19 pandemic spread all over the world. A multidisciplinary approach isnecessary for the treatment. The aim of this study is to determine the pharmaceutical care need of COVID-19 patients in the 1st wave of the pandemic. A retrospective, observational study was conducted. After ethical approval was given with 13/274 number, prescription records were investigated by a clinical pharmacist (CP). drug-related problems (DRP)identified through prescription examination. Study was held in 2 branches (i) hospitalized patients (HP) where CP is present and (ii) ambulatory care patients (AP). In this study 183HP and 182 AP patients prescriptions were examined. Half of the participants were female89 (%48.6), 83 (%45.6) for HP and AP respectively. The mean±SD age for HPs and APs were42±18, 42,5±16 respectively. Many participants had multiple comorbidities, in HPs 91(%49.5) at least have 2 or more existing diseases. The median medication number of HPsand APs were 7, 5 respectively. CP identified DRP events for HPs and APs 144, 306respectively. The most common DRP for HPs was using ondansetron instead of metoclopramide. On the other hand, the most prevalent DRP for APs was lack of any gastroprotective medication. DRPs are probable events. Our results demonstrated that HPshad a lower number of DRPs. This points out that CP is a valuable asset to prevent DRPs. In conclusion, every setting where a clinical pharmacist is present should be involved in the healthcare and take responsibility.
dc.subjectGökçe N., Bektay M. Y. , İzzettin F. V. , -Determination of Pharmaceutical Care Needs of COVID-19 Patients in the 1st Wave of Pandemic-, 3rd International Gazi Pharma Symposium Series, Ankara, Türkiye, 8 - 10 Eylül 2021, ss.87
dc.titleDetermination of Pharmaceutical Care Needs of COVID-19 Patients in the 1st Wave of Pandemic
dc.typeConference Paper
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