Perceptions of Spirituality and Spiritual Care of Health Professionals Working in a State Hospital

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Toker, KEREM
Cinar, Fadime
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Background: The determination and fulfillment of the spiritual needs of the individual in times of crisis can be realized by the health care professionals having the knowledge and skills to provide individual-specific care. This research was conducted to determine the perceptions of health professionals about spirituality and spiritual care. Methods: The study of 197 health professionals working in a state hospital was performed. This study is a descriptive study which was conducted between December 2017 and January 2018. Data in the form of an Introductory Information Form and Spirituality and Spiritual Care Grading Scale was collected. In the analysis of the data, the Mann-Whitney U test, Kruskal-Wallis tests, frequency as percentage, and scale scores as mean and standard deviation were used. Results: It was determined that 45.7% of the health professionals were trained in spiritual care, but that they were unable to meet their patients- spiritual care needs due to the intensive work environment and personnel insufficiency. The total score averaged by the health professionals on the spirituality and spiritual care grading scales was 52.13 +/- 10.13. Conclusions: The findings of the research show that health professionals are inadequate in spiritual care initiatives and that their knowledge levels are not at the desired level. With in-service trainings and efforts to address these deficiencies, spiritual care initiatives can be made part of the recovery process.
Toker K., Cinar F., -Perceptions of Spirituality and Spiritual Care of Health Professionals Working in a State Hospital-, RELIGIONS, cilt.9, 2018
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