Evaluation of the bond strength between aged composite cores and luting agent

dc.contributor.authorPOLAT, SERDAR
dc.contributor.authorCebe, Fatma
dc.contributor.authorTuncdemir, Aliriza
dc.contributor.authorOzturk, Caner
dc.contributor.authorUsumez, Ashhan
dc.description.abstractPURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate effect of different surface treatment methods on the bond strength between aged composite-resin core and luting agent. MATERIALS AND METHODS. Seventy-five resin composites and also seventy-five zirconia ceramic discs were prepared. 60 composite samples were exposed to thermal. aging (10;000 cycles, 5 to 55 degrees C) and different surface treatment. All specimens were separated into 5 groups. (n=15): 1) Intact specimens 2) Thermal aging-air polishing 3) Thermal aging- Er:YAG laser irradiation 4) Thermal aging- acid etching 5) Thermal-aging. All specimens were bonded to the zirconia discs with resin cement and fixed to universal testing machine and bond strength testing loaded to failure with a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min. The fractured surface was classified as adhesive failure, cohesive failure and adhesive-cohesive failure. The bond strength data was statistically compared by the Kruskal-Wallis method complemented by the Bonferroni correction Mann-Whitney U test. The probability level for statistical significance was set at alpha=.05. RESULTS. Thermal aging and different surface treatment methods have significant effect on the bond strength between composite-resin cores and luting-agent (P<.05). The mean baseline bond strength values ranged between 7.07 +/- 2.11 and 26.05 +/- 6.53 N. The highest bond strength of 26.05 +/- 6.53 N was obtained with Group 3. Group 5 showed the lowest value of bond strength. CONCLUSION. Appropriate surface treatment method should be applied to aged composite resin cores or aged-composites restorations should be replaced for The optimal bond strength and the clinical success.
dc.identifier.citationPOLAT S., Cebe F., Tuncdemir A., Ozturk C., Usumez A., -Evaluation of the bond strength between aged composite cores and luting agent-, JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS, cilt.7, ss.108-114, 2015
dc.titleEvaluation of the bond strength between aged composite cores and luting agent