Incisional Complications and Cosmetic Evaluation After Hand-assisted Retroperitoneoscopic Donor Nephrectomy.

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Barlas, Ilhami Soykan
Aydogdu, Ibrahim
Sinangil, Ayse
Ucar, Zuhal Atan
Koc, Yener
Sardogan, Ceyda
Akin, Emin Baris
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Hand-assisted retroperitoneoscopic (HARP) donor nephrectomy prevents major complications, but incision site complications may be more frequent in hand-assisted approach. We evaluated long-term incisional complication rates and cosmetic outcomes after HARP donor nephrectomy in our series.
A total of 609 donors who underwent nephrectomy between February 2009 and June 2016 were invited for physical examination and face-to-face interview. A total of 209 donors (35.3%) participated to the study. Sex, age, body mass index (BMI), mean follow-up period, incision-related outcomes of cosmesis, and postoperative complications were evaluated. Body image scale (BIS) and cosmetic scale (CS) (scar test) questionnaires were applied. Higher cosmesis and body image scores indicated greater satisfaction.
A total of 191 donors had paramedian (91.4%), and 18 donors had Pfannenstiel incision (8.6%); 121 donors were female (57.9%). The donor mean age and BMI were 49.1 (SD, 1.8) years and 29.7 (SD, 5.1), respectively. Body mass index was significantly lower in the Pfannenstiel group (P < .001). The mean BIS score was 18.9 (SD, 1.8), and the CS questionnaire score was 19.3 (SD, 4,7). The BIS score was significantly better in donors with Pfannenstiel incisions (P < .001), but there was no statistical significance in CS score. The total rate of wound infection was 4.8%, and rate of incisional hernia was 4.8%. The rate of incisional hernia was more frequent in donors with paramedian incision (5.2%), but there was no statistical significance. Six donors (2.9%) required rehospitalization because of incision site complications.
Hand-assisted retroperitoneoscopic donor nephrectomy avoids intra-abdominal complications, but rate of incision site complications can be higher in hand-assisted procedure. The donors were convinced from the cosmetic outcome after HARP donor nephrectomy. The ones who had Pfannenstiel incision had better satisfaction according to BIS score.
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