Investigation of the Chemical Content and User Comments of Face Washes: A Cross-sectional study

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Guder, Semih
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AbstractIntroduction: The purpose of skin cleansing is to reduce sebum and exogenous pollutants and tocontrol the skin microbiome. Surfactants in cleaners dissolve hydrophobic substances in an aqueousphase, allowing them to move away from the skin surface. The negative effect of surfactants on the skinbarrier can be reduced by changing the solution properties. We thought to do this research in order tomaster the product contents, to identify the products with the highest user satisfaction, to identifyproducts with potentially harmful contents or inappropriate contents, so that we could easily choose theright product and direct the patients correctly. Material and Method: It was planned to select 10 facecleansing products sold on the most popular website selling online dermo-cosmetic products in ourcountry. The criteria for having the most internet traffic were searched for in the selection of the website.We used to classify the specified basic ingredients according to their chemical properties. The reviewsmade for each of the 10 products were examined from the most recent date to the old date. Results: Wedetected 87 different chemicals in 10 different products. The fake product notification was particularlyin expensive products. No correlation was detected between the number of surfactants in the productswith the positive effects such as cleansing effect, the effect of reducing and increasing acne, dryness,redness, burning and smoothing, and softening. (p>0.05) There was a negative correlation between thecleansing effect of the products and the improvement and worsening of acne. (p<0.05, p<0.001,respectively) Conclusion: A good face cleaning product does not need to contain numerous chemicalsand surfactants. It should be kept in mind that especially expensive products may be counterfeit, and theproducts should be questioned by the local product detection system from the barcode number.
Guder S., -Investigation of the Chemical Content and User Comments of Face Washes: A Cross-sectional study-, 9. Uluslararası Tıp ve Sağlık Bilimleri Araştırmaları Kongresi, Ankara, Türkiye, 18 - 19 Mart 2022, ss.516-517
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