A Novel Capsulorhexis Technique in White Cataract Surgery

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Daglioglu, Mutlu Cihan; Coskun, Mesut; Ilhan, Ozgur; Tuzcu, Esra Ayhan; Ilhan, Nilufer; Ayintap, Emre; Taskin, Ibrahim; Oksuz, Huseyin
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Purpose: To investigate the efficacy and safety of novel capsulorhexis technique in white cataract surgery using the irrigation-aspiration system of a phaco device. Materials and Methods: 53 eyes of 50 patients were included in the study. Patients were randomly divided into two groups. To 27 eyes of 27 patients in Group 1, continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis (CCC) was made using an irrigation-aspiration system by a phaco machine. To 26 eyes of 23 patients in Group 2, CCC was made using an ocular visco-elastic device (OVD) and utrata forceps. Surgical results were compared between two groups. Results: No difference in outcome endothelial cell count or central corneal thickness was noted between the two groups. CCC-2 has been completed totally in Group 1 but only 22 eyes in the other group. Conclusions: Capsulorhexis with described technique is safe in white cataracts. This technique may be an alternative in capsulorhexis to the other method, which is made using OVD and forceps.
Continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis; phaco; white cataract