Global variability of vascular and peritoneal access for chronic dialysis

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Ghimire A.
Shah S.
Okpechi I. G.
Ye F.
Tungsanga S.
Vachharajani T.
Levin A.
Johnson D.
Ravani P.
Tonelli M.
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Aim: Vascular and peritoneal access are essential elements for sustainability of chronic dialysis programs. Data on availability, patterns of use, funding models, and workforce for vascular and peritoneal accesses for dialysis at a global scale is limited. Methods: An electronic survey of national leaders of nephrology societies, consumer representative organizations, and policymakers was conducted from July to September 2018. Questions focused on types of accesses used to initiate dialysis, funding for services, and availability of providers for access creation. Results: Data from 167 countries were available. In 31 countries (25% of surveyed countries), >75% of patients initiated haemodialysis (HD) with a temporary catheter. Seven countries (5% of surveyed countries) had >75% of patients initiating HD with arteriovenous fistulas or grafts. Seven countries (5% of surveyed countries) had >75% of their patients starting HD with tunnelled dialysis catheters. 57% of low-income countries (LICs) had >75% of their patients initiating HD with a temporary catheter compared to 5% of high-income countries (HICs). Shortages of surgeons to create vascular access were reported in 91% of LIC compared to 46% in HIC. Approximately 95% of participating countries in the LIC category reported shortages of surgeons for peritoneal dialysis (PD) access compared to 26% in HIC. Public funding was available for central venous catheters, fistula/graft creation, and PD catheter surgery in 57%, 54% and 54% of countries, respectively. Conclusion: There is a substantial variation in the availability, funding, workforce, and utilization of vascular and peritoneal access for dialysis across countries regions, with major gaps in low-income countries. (Figure presented.).
Tıp, Dahili Tıp Bilimleri, İç Hastalıkları, Nefroloji, Sağlık Bilimleri, Medicine, Internal Medicine Sciences, Internal Diseases, Nephrology, Health Sciences, Klinik Tıp (MED), Klinik Tıp, ÜROLOJİ VE NEFROLOJİ, Clinical Medicine (MED), CLINICAL MEDICINE, UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY, dialysis, global health, kidney failure, peritoneal access, vascular access
Ghimire A., Shah S., Okpechi I. G., Ye F., Tungsanga S., Vachharajani T., Levin A., Johnson D., Ravani P., Tonelli M., et al., "Global variability of vascular and peritoneal access for chronic dialysis", Nephrology, 2023
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