The Use Of Low Level Laser Therapy In Conjunction With Diode Laser-Assisted And Conventional Vestibuloplasty: Comparison Of Wound Healing And Vestibular Depth Gain.

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Karas, Mert
Gunpinar, Sadiye
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The aim of this study is to compare wound healing and vestibular depth gain in individuals undergoing vestibule deepening surgery using diode laser and conventional technique and to further investigate the possible wound healing effect of low-level laser therapy (LLLT).
52 systemically healthy individuals with insufficient vestibular depth in the region of teeth 33-43 in the lower jaw were included. Following nonsurgical periodontal treatment, patients were divided into four groups as follows: a) diode laser (L); b) diode laser + LLLT; c) conventional surgery and d) conventional surgery + LLLT. Vestibular depth and horizontal wound size measurements of the individuals were recorded using digital calipers. Reepithelization was evaluated via an image analysis program.
Vestibular depth measurements were found to be higher in the conventional surgery groups compared to that of diode laser groups after the operation, while the results were not statistically different between groups (p >0.05). Reepithelization area did not differ between groups in the evaluated time periods (p >0,05). On the other hand, horizontal wound shrinkage was significantly higher in the conventional surgery group than that of diode laser.
Within the limits of this study, both methods yielded in vestibule depth gain. On the other hand, LLLT did not have an additional positive effect on mucosal wound healing. As a clinical relevance, the results are valuable for clinicians in terms of showing that suturing of the mucosal flap formed following vestibule deepening should not be necessary in laser assisted surgery for attaining more vestibule depth.
Diode Laser, low-level laser therapy, vestibuloplasty, wound healing
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