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Toplumların Gelişiminde Vakıf Kurucularının Rolü: Bezmialem Valide Sultan 

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The aim of this project is to explain the cultural heritage of Bezmialem Valide Sultan (BVS), who served as an exemplary figure during the Ottoman period, to younger generations. It is an important issue that foundations act as a bridge in history, and the sustainability, protection and transfer of heritage to future generations.When we look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations of today, it is seen that some of the SDGs are very similar to what Bezmialem Valide Sultan (BVS) wants to do in 19th century. This showed us the importance of foundations in the development of societies. When it is about our own life or current issues, or when we get to know a person or place from the past better, it becomes easier to understand the historical and cultural heritage. It is aimed to better understand how it contributes, directs and organizes life. It is also aimed to develop an understanding and awareness of history in young people with the planned seminars and excursions.Within the scope of this project young participants between the ages of 18 – 30 will be hosted in Istanbul for 6 days.
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