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    Incidentally Diagnosed Bladder Xanthoma in a 38-Year-Old Man
    (2022-11-01) İlktaç A.; Çoban G.; Coşkun E. C.; İLKTAÇ, ABDULLAH; ÇOBAN, GANİME; COŞKUN, Emin Cenan
    Xanthoma is a benign lesion characterized by the localized collection of lipid-containing histiocytes. It is mostly observed in patients with hyperlipidemia but can also be found in patients with normal lipid profiles. It is very rarely detected in the bladder. Xanthoma may be associated with bladder tumor or it can be seen isolated. Most of the cases in the literature are elderly patients. Isolated bladder xanthoma is mostly detected incidentally in cystoscopy performed for complaints like hematuria and lower urinary tract symptoms. A large lesion can be detected in radiological imaging and mistaken for a bladder tumor. We present a case of urinary bladder xanthoma incidentally detected in a 38- year-old man.