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    Importance of follow -up in determining PsA and prevelance of PsA in Turkish psoriasis patients
    (2019-06-07T00:00:00Z) Onsun, Nahide; Yurtsever, Begüm; Gülcan, Aliye Sevdem; Dizman, Didem; Akaslan, Tahsin Çağdaş; Bahalı, Anıl Gülsel; ONSUN, NAHIDE; GÜLCAN, ALİYE SEVDEM; DİZMAN, DİDEM; AKASLAN, TAHSİN ÇAĞDAŞ; BAHALI, ANIL GÜLSEL
    Introduction: Psoriasis is classified as an immune-mediated inflammatory disease (IMID) ofthe skin and associated with comorbidities. Between 6-42% of patients with psoriasisdevelop psoriatic artrihitis (PsA) and nearly all patients with PsA have cutenous psoriasis.PsA usually develops after psoriasis and dermatologists can detect early signs of arthritis onfollow-up visits.Objective: We aimed to point out the importance of follow up of patients with cutaneouspsoriasis in detecting earlier symptoms of arthritis.Patients and Methods: We reviewed the records of patients with psoriasis from the psoriasisregistry of Turkey (PSR-TR). Records of the patients between 2006-2018 were reviewed.Patients with arthritis were divided into two groups; patients with arthritis in the firstexamination and patients who were diagnosed on subsequent visits.Results: Of the total 2880 patients, 713 of them had arhtiritis. The number of patientsdiagnosed in the first examination was 409 (58%) and the number of patients who werediagnosed during follow-up was 304 (42%).Conclusions: Psoriatic arthritis is closely associated with psoriasis and can lead tosignificant morbidity. Dermatologists are able to screen patients for early psoriatic arthritis.Regular follow up of patients and screening for arthritis who had no sign in the firstexamination, will point out the real prevelance of arthritis in psoriasis.