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  • Publication
    Is lymph node dissection necessary for staging while undergoing nephrectomy in patients with renal cell carcinoma?
    (2020-08-06T00:00:00Z) Ersöz, Cevper; Demir, Tarık; Aliyev, Altay; Beşiroğlu, Mehmet; Araz, Murat; Köstek, Osman; Sakin, Abdullah; Shbair, Abdallah T M; Çoban, Ganime; Şeker, Mesut; Türk, HACI MEHMET; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; TÜRK, HACI MEHMET
  • Publication
    Systematic versus cognitive targeted biopsy: evaluation of parameters related to clinically significant prostate cancer and comparison of detection rates
    (2022-10-01) Ersöz C.; İlktaç A.; Kalkan S.; Kayalı Y.; Akbulut H.; Toprak H.; Doğan B.; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; İLKTAÇ, ABDULLAH; KALKAN, SENAD; AKBULUT, HABİB; TOPRAK, HÜSEYİN; DOĞAN, BAYRAM
  • Publication
    The Success of Pyeloplasty in Adult Patients with Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction
  • Publication
    The effect of post-treatment PSA change and multiparametric prostate MRI findings in the detection of prostate cancer in patients receiving antibiotics due to PSA elevation
    (2020-07-24T00:00:00Z) Kayalı, Yunus; Doğan, Bayram; İlktaç, Abdullah; Ersöz, Cevper; Akçay, Muzaffer; Gevher, Fatih; Akbulut, Habib; Balbay, Mevlana Derya; DOĞAN, BAYRAM; İLKTAÇ, ABDULLAH; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; AKÇAY, MUZAFFER; GEVHER, FATİH; AKBULUT, HABİB
  • Publication
    The relationship of neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio with testicular cancer
    (2020-01-01) İlktaç, Abdullah; Akbulut, Habib; Akçay, Muzaffer; Ersöz, Cevper; Doğan, Bayram; İLKTAÇ, ABDULLAH; DOĞAN, BAYRAM; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; AKÇAY, MUZAFFER; AKBULUT, HABİB
    Purpose: To assess the relationship between testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT) and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and to determine whether this ratio can be used as a serum tumor marker. Material and Methods: Sixty-one patients with testicular germ cell tumors were included into the study. Patients were grouped as localized and non-localized. Histologically patients were categorized as seminoma and nonseminomatous germ cell tumors. Complete blood cell count was measured the day before surgery and at the postoperative 1st month. Preoperative and postoperative mean NLR values were compared. Results: Thirty-six patients (59%) had seminomas and 25 patients (41%) had nonseminomatous testicular cancer. Forty-fi ve patients (73.8%) had localized and 16 patients (26.2%) had non-localized testicular cancer. There was a statistically signifi cant difference between preoperative and postoperative mean NLR of the localized patients (p=0.001) but no such difference was detected for non-localized patients (p=0.576). Nineteen patients with localized seminomas had normal preoperative serum tumor markers. There was a signifi cant difference between preoperative and postoperative mean NLR in this group of patients (p=0.010). Twenty-six patients with localized tumors had preoperative increased serum tumor markers which normalized after orchiectomy. Mean NLR of these patients signifi cantly decreased from 3.10±2.13 to 1.62±0.59 postoperatively (p=0.010). Conclusions: NLR appears to be a useful marker for TGCT. It is successful in predicting localized and non-localized disease in early postoperative period.
  • Publication
    Histopathological Features of Paratesticular Solid Tumors: 5 Years Experience
    (2020-05-01T00:00:00Z) Çoban, Ganime; Yıldız, Pelin; Kıran, Tuğçe; Ersöz, Cevper; ÇOBAN, GANİME; YILDIZ, PELİN; KIRAN, TUĞÇE; ERSÖZ, CEVPER
  • Publication
    CD47 expression in urothelial carcinoma and its correlation with histopathological findings.
    (2023-11-30) Çoban G.; Yıldız P.; Şahin N.; Ersöz C.; Toprak A.; Ünver N.; Elagöz Ş.; ÇOBAN, GANİME; ŞAHİN, NURHAN; ERSÖZ, CEVPER
  • Publication
    Renal arter, Renal Ven, Vena Cava Üçgenindeki Paraganglioma Kitlesinin Transperitoneal Rezeksiyonu
    (2022-03-16T00:00:00Z) Ersöz, Cevper; İlktaç, Abdullah; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; İLKTAÇ, ABDULLAH
  • Publication
    The role of oxidative stress and inflammation biomarkers in pre- and postoperative monitoring of prostate cancer patients
    (2024-02-23) Beyaztas H.; ERSÖZ C.; Ozkan B. N.; OLĞUN İ.; Polat H. S.; Dastan A. I.; Cetinkaya E.; Guler E. M.; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; OLĞUN, İBRAHİM; GÜLER, ERAY METİN
    Introduction: Prostate Cancer (PC) is a global health concern affecting men worldwide. Oxidative stress is believed to contribute to the initiation of early-stage PC lesions. Additionally, inflammation has long been acknowledged as a factor in the development of PC. We aimed to examine the biomarkers of oxidative stress and inflammation in PC patients before and after surgery. Patients and methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted at the Urology Outpatient Clinic of Bezmialem Vakif University Hospital. A total of 150 individuals were included in the study, divided into five groups: 50 Healthy controls, 25 patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), 25 patients with Low-Risk Prostate Cancer (LRPC), 25 patients with Medium-Risk Prostate Cancer (MRPC), and 25 patients with High-Risk Prostate Cancer (HRPC). Measurements of Total Oxidant Status (TOS), Total Antioxidant Status (TAS), Total Thiol (TT), and Native Thiol (NT) were performed using photometric methods. Oxidative Stress Index (OSI) and Disulfide (DIS) levels were calculated mathematically. Levels of Interleukin-10 (IL-10), Interleukin-1beta (IL-1β), Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-α), Interleukin-6 (IL-6), and Presepsin were determined using commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kits. Results: Compared to the healthy control group, the results indicated a statistically significant increase in both oxidative stress and inflammation levels. In the groups receiving both pharmaceutical therapy and surgical treatment (PC), a significant decrease in oxidative stress and inflammation levels was observed. Conclusion: Consequently, it is suggested that the assessment of oxidative stress and inflammatory biomarkers should be incorporated in the pre- and postoperative monitoring of patients with PC.
  • Publication
    Benign prostat hiperplazisinin cerrahi tedavisi sonrası tanı konulan insidental prostat kanseri
    (2021-10-01T00:00:00Z) İlktaç, Abdullah; Ersöz, Cevper; Doğan, Bayram; Akçay, Muzaffer; Yıldız, Pelin; Çoban, Ganime; Akbulut, Habib; İLKTAÇ, ABDULLAH; ERSÖZ, CEVPER; DOĞAN, BAYRAM; AKÇAY, MUZAFFER; YILDIZ, PELİN; ÇOBAN, GANİME; AKBULUT, HABİB