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    A fatal interstitial lung disease in an anti-melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5 (anti-MDA5) antibody negative patient with juvenile dermatomyositis
    (2021-09-01T00:00:00Z) YEŞİLBAŞ, Osman; Yildiz, Mehmet; Yozgat, Can Yilmaz; Tahaoglu, Irmak; YAZAN, HAKAN; ÇAKIR, Erkan; Adrovic, Amra; Sahin, Sezgin; Barut, Kenan; Kasapcopur, Ozgur; YEŞİLBAŞ, OSMAN; YILDIZ, MEHMET; YAZAN, HAKAN; ÇAKIR, ERKAN
    Background. Juvenile dermatomyositis associated interstitial lung disease, rarely seen in pediatric age groups, has adverse effects on survival. Anti-melanoma differentiation associated gene 5, one of the identified autoantibodies in juvenile dermatomyositis, preferentially affects the lung tissue and may cause rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease. It is a major cause of mortality in juvenile dermatomyositis. In this case report, we present a pediatric patient diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis without anti-melanoma differentiation associated gene 5 antibody positivity.